Steampunk Costumes: Some Basic Tips You Should Know

Have you ever heard of Steampunk costumes? Do you want to know about some basic tips and tricks that help you get started?

Steampunk, also called Victorian science fiction, has increased in fame in the last few years. I am sure you will hear about it if you have not. It has been in articles and the papers – even there was a Castle episode. Some people run conventions specifically dedicated to Steampunk and instruct people about it. For some, dressing up of Steampunk costumes is the excellent part. If you want to dress up for an event or convention or looking for some instant ideas for a Halloween costume, you are in the right place. Without any delay, let’s start!

The Base

The significant part of your Steampunk costume can be Edwardian or Victorian clothes. It will be best if you should decide while you are high class or not. You will need fancy clothes, dresses for females, and suit coats for men for the upper class. It is not demanding to depict the middle or lower class usually; hence, let us stick to it. You may often see the best base-clothing at some thrift stores. Vests, fitted jackets, or a high collared shirt are great for both women and men. Bloomers, a long skirt, and pants for ladies, based on the appearance you are going for.

The Hat

A good Victorian will usually wear a hat – particularly men. You can prefer not to; however, it will make your clothing least readily identifiable. Flight helmets, boaters, pith helmets, bowlers, or top hats all work best. A hat can really ‘cap’ off your appearance.

You may have noticed that some outfits are complete with a remarkable hat. The mini pith helmet is the favorite for a lot of people. You can purchase a hat from the Halloween store and then paint it, glue stuff on it and make it different. Have fun. Be creative!

Where to Get Hats?

I suggest going out to the local haberdashery and getting a unique hat; however, you can also check some online Steampunk costumes. If it is for the one-time outfit, go to the local Halloween shop.


Goggles are the unique equipment piece on the Steampunk costume. Don’t forget! There are millions of goggles out there; however, most are mot the right look or period. Ski goggles and swim goggles are best. Besides, the single lensed goggles do not look right. Generally speaking, you can go for cup type welding goggles. You can buy them from different sources, even costume shops.

If you need to get crafty, you can purchase a basic pair from the welding supply stores and modify them accordingly. It will be best if you need to paint them because plastic is up-to-date. For the base coat, go for Krylon Fusion spray paint. You can also add metallic bits to them and make them your own. All you need is to be creative! That’s what Steampunk costume is all about.

Where to Buy Goggles?

If you are not creative or have more time than cash, you can purchase some appropriate goggles in different price ranges. The Harry Potter googles can do in a pinch; however, it will appear better if you have some time to take away the logo.


The essential thing besides goggles that differentiates the Steampunk costume from the other historical outfits is its props. Although you depict a character from the science fantasy/ fiction story, you need anything that expresses the viewer that aspect. A weapon of some kind is good. We need to carry discombobulator rifles or disintegrator pistols. The main point here is that it must not look ordinary or real. Don’t forget! You are in the Victorian era. The flintlock like a pirate carry is old fashioned and not in the least bit gadgety.

Thus, if you are a creative person having enough time on your hand, you can take a squirt gun and make your weapon.

Where to Buy Props?

The same thing again, it will be time versus money, and you may have more of the one than the other. You may find some reasonable options for Steampunk costumes on eBay and Amazon.

Metal Bits and Belts

Steampunk is the genre with a liking for copper or brass. The belts with decorative studs and buckles can make the outfit. Wear numerous at a time. They are great for carrying the raygun or the brass compass. Never think that the belts are made only for the waist. They make the best accessories elsewhere. You can use the belt as a chest strap, a choker, or a hatband to add some interest to your appearance.

Besides, you can add a compass or brass binocular to add to the adventurer or explorer look.

In these Steampunk costumes, you cannot make it through the metal detector.


I suggest finding low-heeled granny boots for the females, mainly with no zippers. They will not kill your feet and look appropriate. You will need to find somewhat nice boots if you plan on wearing the skirts hiked up or pants or bloomers. Fortunately, boots are in right now; thus, they are easy to explore. You can find some decent boots for men too. Think wisely before ruining your favorite outfit by wearing sneakers.

Well! It is a small run down on Steampunk costumes. I hope it helped. Let me know if it worked out for you or if you have any questions.

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