Steampunk Goggles: From History to Nowadays

The Steampunk goggles are symbolic of the Steampunk genre and an essential thing for the steamsona! If you are a zeppelin pilot, a mad scientist, or a dandy of the Victorian era, no Steampunk attire will be complete without goggles. However, have you seen what goggles looked like during the industrial revolution time?

Did People Wear Goggles in the Victorian Era?

The goggles started to be mass-produced with the 1840s railway mania. As compared to what one may consider, the security goggles were not limited to the railway employees. The travelers who wore them as wagons at the time did not have glass present in the windows! The third-class vehicles did not have a roof! The cinders and dust from the steam locomotives chimneys would go into the carriages. The travelers preferred to wear goggles to protect their eyes to secure themselves.

What about Steampunk goggles? Well! They are the cinder glasses from the 19th century! Similar to traditional eyewear, the protective goggles would have temples. But they were replaced by an elastic band or a leather strap so that the glasses fit tight on the face for more protection. The lenses would be smoky, green, blue, or white. Thus, a piece of great news: you can be perfect while wearing the Steampunk goggles with the best-colored lenses!

Was it Common to Wear Steampunk Goggles During 19th Century While Driving?

From the ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ film, Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes) and his renowned sidekick Jude Law (Doctor Watson) both wear goggles in a scene, it was out in 2011.

In 1891, the film plot took place; however, it was not usual to wear goggles while driving a vehicle at that time. On one side, goggles were preferred by ladies for good taste. On the contrary, wearing eyewear was not necessary, although the motor car’s highest speed was 9 – 12 mph (15 – 20 km). It was not until the start of the 20th century that fast vehicles appeared, and drivers started to wear eyewear more often. They would be regarded as essential both for safety and comfort, as per Sir Alfred Charles William Harmsworth (his published book in 1904, Motors and Motor-driving).

What About the Aviator Goggles?

In the early 20th century, aviator goggles were familiarized. After the 1903 airplane invention, it was not extensive that goggles became an essential thing, especially for the pilots. It is crucial to protect your eyes from the cold if you are at a good height. There are several examples in history in which we can read that even a single mistake of removing the goggles can do severe damage to the eyeballs.

The point here is that goggles in the 19th century were restricted to steam rail transport. The motorcycle goggles, motorist, and aviator were introduced in the next century.

The Steampunk goggles are inspired by the Victorian age cinder goggles; different material, same shape. For adding to the Steampunk vibe, the Steampunk goggles are made of leather or copper. Besides, some designs feature spikes for a great post-apocalyptic look – or come with magnifying lenses to enhance the look with a sophisticated look.

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